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Belfast: Van Morrison and an awesome Kiwi

Belfast is a small city jam-packed with humble and kind people, who are apparently all musically talented. One of my favorite musicians Van Morrison grew up in East Belfast. I found a fan-made, self-guided walking tour in Van's old neighborhood with a correlating list of songs that make references to specific landmarks, streets, etc. throughout the city. HINT: if you walk down Cypress Ave while listening to "Cypress Ave"at the perfect speed, the song will end just as you reach the end of the block.

I met Emma, a New Zealander on her own journey, at the Global Village hostel where she was working. Emma said something that still resonates with me, "you meet certain people while you travel that make you feel at home." Emma acted as one of those people for me, and introduced me some place very comfortable and inviting, my new favorite place to read: The Dock Café. We recorded an episode of the podcast at in the beautiful campus of Queens University where Emma recalls a story about feeling lost while traveling in Scotland, and the wonderful run-in with an artist that came from it. Listen to Episode #30 to hear the full story!


Van Morrison Trail Walking Tour: http://www.connswatergreenway.co.uk/sites/default/files/Van%20Morrison%20Trail.pdf

Playlist for Van Morrison Trail (with some additional great Van Songs): https://open.spotify.com/user/josephbglasgow/playlist/3N7D1AxgdCosLrb57MB66g?si=X5rs3f7wQMqB8NCKqQUJsw

The Dock Cafe: https://www.the-dock.org/blog/

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